This is us
This is us

We want to move something. Our small team takes on any challenge. Versatile tasks ensure ...

Our mission
Our mission

Realizing ideas for a better vision. We are worldwide specialists for digital video centration and ...

Company profile
Company profile

The company visuSolution GmbH started on 01 July 2016 as a strong partner for ophthalmic measurement instruments and ...

Our vision
Our vision

Captivating people and improving their quality of life with our appealing products and technical solutions ...


Realizing ideas for a better vision. We are worldwide specialists for digital video centration and ...


Captivating people and improving their quality of life with our appealing products and technical solutions ...


The company visuSolution GmbH started on 01 July 2016 as a strong partner for ophthalmic measurement instruments and ...


We want to move something. Our small team takes on any challenge. Versatile tasks ensure dynamism and ...

<p class="g-team-name">Arne Fischer</p>

Arne Fischer

Convincing expansionist

As one of two managers Arne Fischer ensures process adjustment and coherence in manufacturing and distribution. He lays great value in high-quality production that shines with efficiency.

<p class="g-team-name">Maik Zwick</p>

Maik Zwick

Efficient visionary

As one of two managers Maik Zwick gives advice to our customers worldwide and at all times. He develops purposeful concepts for the company expansion and represents us at fairs. With high-quality requirements he keeps the overview for customer advisory, communication in the company and PR.

<p class="g-team-name">Ines Bayer<p>

Ines Bayer

Eloquent sales manager

Ines Bayer is responsible for coordination, controlling and controlling in sales. With her pleasant, North German, calm nature and a well-dosed grain of joke she leads the communication between back office and external field service. She creatively and constructively supports the management in the expansion of sales.

<p class="g-team-name">Ines Richter</p>

Ines Richter

Analytical inspiring bundle of energy

Ines Richter personalizes employment contracts and always searches for potential for improvement. She assists the managers and her colleagues while continuously combining improvements with company and personnel development.

<p class="g-team-name">Barnabás Vurczer</p>

Barnabás Vurczer

Passionate cause researcher

Barnabas Vurczer, our team leader for sales and service, passionately trains our customers for the use of the centration system. He encourages his team with an open exchange of information and knowledge. He can also be found at trade fairs where he presents us and our products. Here you are at the right place when you have all kinds of questions about video centration.

<p class="g-team-name">Alexandra Schröder</p>

Alexandra Schröder

Linguistically talented design expert

Alexandra Schröder designs, creates and translates manuals as well as information about our products and our company. She takes care of order processing, maintenance contracts and organises all the managers’ appointments from fair stands to booking hotels.

<p class="g-team-name">Kerstin Richter</p>

Kerstin Richter

Dynamic all-rounder

As a friendly customer advisor Kerstin Richter gives advice on the phone and ensures the proper order processing. In terms of exports she is responsible for customs matters. When it is about event management she purposefully and skillfully organizes all details.

<p class="g-team-name">Nadine Brügmann</p>

Nadine Brügmann

quick-witted sales talent

Have you already got a glance into our low vision portfolio? Competent and with her relaxed manner, Nadine Brügmann presents our magnifiers in a trial package. She is quick-witted, convincing and does not owe you an answer.

<p class="g-team-name">Robin Grahmann</p>

Robin Grahmann

Dedicated jack of all trades

Robin Grahmann is responsible of managing the production and controling all processes. No matter in which field he is always on the spot when needed and beyond that takes care of our fire safety.

<p class="g-team-name">Monique Schultze</p>

Monique Schultze

Speedy dispatch lady

Monique Schultze gets the forwarders on track. She packs your packages with love and ensures with momentum for smooth and punctual shipping.

<p class="g-team-name">Bianka Ronz</p>

Bianka Ronz

Varied team player

Bianka Ronz reliably and cooperatively shares information about work organisation between the production department and the management. She is responsible for ensuring the production quantity and quality of our visuPlus® devices.

<p class="g-team-name">Dietmar Hinz</p>

Dietmar Hinz

Disciplined trouble shooter

As a master of his field Dietmar Hinz manufactures electronic assemblies and prototypes with great care. He programs and accompanies our products until final acceptance.

<p class="g-team-name">Jonic Badke</p>

Jonic Badke

Emotionally rich control genius

Jonic Badke likes to analyse many different topics. She loves to solve tasks and takes care of the order processing and service from A to Z in our company. Reaching Z she is specialized in customs law and coordinates the shipping abroad.

<p class="g-team-name">Sonja Barteit</p>

Sonja Barteit

Orderly bundle of temperament

Sonja Barteit ensures that everything gets properly and punctually shipped to our customers. It is important for her that the shipping is clearly and practically organized.

<p class="g-team-name">Mathias Sprunk</p>

Mathias Sprunk

Versatile organizational talent

Accomplish, accomplish, accomplish is Mathias Sprunk´s slogan. He reliably coordinates and takes responsibility for the purchase in all areas, is associated with the IT-admin, supports the shipping department and takes care of flawless quality management.

<p class="g-team-name">Marko Krämer<p>

Marko Krämer

Open-minded sales representative

Marko Krämer is your contact for low vision in the Northern part of Germany. As a master optician with many years of experience in the ophthalmic and low vision sector, he can consult our customers in a convincing and genuine way.

<p class="g-team-name">Sigrid Schüttler</p>

Sigrid Schüttler

Sincere expansion executive

With three times seven years of life experience, as she says, Mrs. Schüttler ensures one hundred percent customer satisfaction. Always getting out the best for our customers using her intuition and experience for the best advice and comprehensive solutions with a lot of lifeblood. She passionately lives out her vocation during trade fair presentations, customer visits and personal conversations and she supports our team and customers so that they can profit from her great wealth of experience.

<p class="g-team-name">Stephan Schubert</p>

Stephan Schubert

Reliable machine tamer

In our visuPlus® -Team Stephan Schubert is the proverbial rooster in the henhouse. With vision and stability, he ensures for a high-class manufacture of the visuPlus® hardware.

<p class="g-team-name">Maik Unglaube</p>

Maik Unglaube

Balanced electronics technician with dedication to cycling

Maik Unglaube produces electronic assemblies with incredible patience and serenity. He accompanies the products from their production until their final check with fun and enthusiasm. In doing so, he finally achieves best quality results.

<p class="g-team-name">Sina Boxhammer<p>

Sina Boxhammer

Quick-witted number talent

Sina Boxhammer enriches our accounting team with her quick-witted and cheerful manner. While her job revolves around numbers, in her spare time she spins up the revs in motorsports.

<p class="g-team-name">Brigitte Borgman</p>

Brigitte Borgman

Accounting „Rock in the Waves”

With one „n“ Brigitte Borgman thoroughly checks our finances. Correct financial accounting and the examination of the compliance of legal regulations are her passion.

<p class="g-team-name">Angelika Allers</p>

Angelika Allers

Shine bringing room beautician

Swaying cleaning rags Angelika Allers cares for order, cleanliness and well-being. She loves her work and makes an effort for a friendly and pleasant togetherness.

<p class="g-team-name">Vanessa Schulz</p>

Vanessa Schulz

Determined first responder

Vanessa Schulz is the first to hear in the telephone support. Quick and purposeful, she takes care of all customer concerns. Pleasant is not only the sound of her voice. She catches everyone and clears every request smoothly and reliably. She also likes to break new ground for her goal!

<p class="g-team-name">Tobias Wittmershaus</p>

Tobias Wittmershaus

Technician with charisma

Tobias Wittmershaus is our IT expert. Whether by remote maintenance, in direct dialogue on the phone or in the in-house IT - with its charismatic nature, he always finds a solution. Thoroughness and quality are the guiding principles of his work.

<p class="g-team-name">Ina Albrecht</p>

Ina Albrecht

Careful fairy for all purposes

Ina Albrecht is our fairy for all purposes in the production department. In addition to producing measurement tools and visuReal portable hardware, she is always there where needed. She is really careful in all her tasks and works with fun in the matter.

<p class="g-team-name">Angelika Isensee</p>

Angelika Isensee

Cheerful controlling lady

Angelika Isensee's hobbyhorse is financial controlling and corporate spirit, curiosity and serenity in her heart, she handles every task and challenges her fellow human beings in the twinkling of an eye.


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visuSolution GmbH

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